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Also called twenty-one, is a card game that consists of adding a value as close to 21 without going over. Each player at the table only plays against the croupier, trying to get a better play. The challenge is to get 21 with only two cards.


Known as the most exotic variant of poker, it’s played with a total of 52 cards mixed in advance. In a similar way to Blackjack, the player faces against the house. The goal of the player is to beat his opponent, through a combination of top scoring cards.


This game’s objective is to achieve nine points or a score as close to it as possible. The score is obtained from the sum of 2 or 3 cards that each of the two facing hands have: the point or the house.


It’s a game of cards in which the participants play against the house. The possibility of winning depends on two factors: having a minimum play or having a play superior to that of the croupier. The two options will be made with the three initial cards given by each player.


It is played with a deck of 52 cards, in tables of between 6 to 10 players. In each hand each player receives two cards, on the table there are five other cards face up for all players. The play of each one, will depend on the best combination of his two cards with the five of the table.


The objective is to guess the number where the croupier's ball will land. The cylinder has 38 squares numbered from 1 to 36, plus the 0 and 00. To bet, color or chance chips are used.


The game consists of making different bets to the result that will be obtained by throwing two dices in the next shot or in a whole round. The sum of the score that appears on the top faces of the dice determine the winning and losing chances.